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  • Veggies in all the colours of the rainbow

    The Best Canadian Seed Companies

    Harrowsmith's 35th annual guide to the best Canadian seed companies and specialty nurseries, with 125 listings!


    Chewing up the Scenery

    Popular Plants Can Poison Your Pets: Baneberry, Deadly nightshade, Lambkill… As their folk names suggest, many seemingly innocent plants are a real hazard if eaten. It’s normal for cats and dogs to chew on long grass and other greenery. To ensure that poisonous plants aren’t on the menu, all gardeners with pets (not to mention young children or visiting grandkids) should poison-proof their gardens.

    Growing lavender from seed

    Lavender: Little Patch of Heaven

    What's the Best Hardy Lavender to Grow from Seeds? Best of the Harrowsmith Garden Trials.

    soupfest image

    Harrowsmith Goes to Soupfest!

    Catch our publisher, Yolanda Thornton, chatting with the soupsational Marty Galin at the Holland Marsh Soupfest.

    CookieOnTree818_final copy

    Bake your own Gingerbread Ornaments

    What fun to get together in December and bake your own gingerbread tree ornaments. They're edible, but the extra flour makes them tough enough to hang on the tree and to last a few years if kept in the freezer. We think they also make great hostess gifts. So make a lot, or be ready to repeat the ritual with your family, friends and loved ones with an annual gingerbread-decorating party!


    Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Honestly, there's never been a tastier chocolate chip cookie than this one.

    pond opener

    ‘Small Ponds’ Congratulates Lynn Coady on her Giller Prize!

    Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac congratulates Lynn Coady for winning the prestigious Giller Prize. We want to celebrate by revisiting Lynn Coady's home-town tour in "Small Ponds," an exclusive interview that appeared in our debut Almanac, back in 2008. We loved her then, and we love her still. Go, Lynn, go!

    majumder-pic copy

    Shaun Majumder’s Tour of Burlington, Newfoundland & Labrador

    Gemini Award-winning actor/comedian Shaun Majumder (This Hour Has 22 Minutes and much more) gives the Harrowsmith Almanac an exclusive (and entertaining) home-town tour of Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Robert Bateman & Mt. Maxwell - BFB

    Robert Bateman’s Tour of Salt Spring Island, B.C.

    Canada’s best known visual artist, Robert Bateman, gives Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac an exclusive tour of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where he has found inspiration for his paintings for more than 23 years.


    Groundhog Day in Canada

    Safe to say we northerners get a tad squirrelly come February 2. And nowhere is this more true than in Wiarton, Ontario (except, of course, Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia), both homes to Canada’s own Groundhog Day festivities.


    Q&A with our Weather Man, Larry Romaniuk

    The Almanac's meteorologist, Larry Romaniuk, explains how he makes his predictions, why Canadians are so fascinated by the weather, and what the winter will have in store for us. New interview by Rustik Magazine.

    test winter pic

    Winter Weather Preview, from Harrowsmith’s Almanac

    Brrrr... Here is our seasonal forecast for the coming winter. For all the details, week by week, consult your copy of Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac, available now!

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    How to Spot The Christmas Comet

    Our Astronomy editor, Robert Dick, tells us exactly how to spot ISON, the “Comet of the Century,” before it’s too late...

    astronomer woodcut

    ISON: The Exasperating Comet

    We asked Robert Dick, our Astronomy Editor, for his take on Comet ISON, the bright light in the sky which seems to be exasperating night-sky watchers and failing to become “The Christmas Comet” / “Comet of the Century” that it was supposed to be.


    Stompin’ Tom Connors’ 3000-year Calendar

    Back in 2010, the Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors agreed to share his 3000-year calendar with the readers of HARROWSMITH’S TRULY CANADIAN ALMANAC. He was a fan of the Almanac and a true Canadian hero. We will miss him.

    Wildfire lo res

    Enter our “My Shot” Photo Contest!

    Send us your best pictures, at: myshot@harrowsmithalmanac.com . Winners will get instant exposure (pun intended) and a free, three-year subscription to Harrowsmith’s Truly Canadian Almanac.

    butala crop

    Stranger Danger?

    In her back-page column, "Footnotes from the Grasslands," award-winning Saskatchewan novelist Sharon Butala ponders the influx of urban people into small towns and rural places across Canada. What are they looking for? And what have they got to offer us?

    Country Know It All colour

    Advice from the Country Know-It-All

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Rural Living... but Were Afraid to Ask!


    Ode to the Canadian Automobile

    Even though they cost the earth...even though we spend endless hours in traffic...even though they are one of the worst culprits behind the global warming crisis...cars still capture the hearts of canadians. Here’s a nostalgic look at our continuing—if jaded—love affair with the automobile.

    whatsit colour

    Calling All Readers: Whatsit?

    Do you know what this thing is? Take a close look and if you can enlighten us on the subject, you could win a year’s subscription to HARROWSMITH’S TRULY CANADIAN ALMANAC. We’ll be sure to publish the winning answer in a future edition. Good luck, and thanks for your help!


    Quiz Winner: Whatsit?

    Most every old barn hides a “whatsit” or two. Whatsits are once-useful gadgets that have been gathering grime for generations, having long outlived their original purpose. Today, these found items are nothing less than a mystery to most barn owners. Heck, some of the doodads we collected for our quiz last year even stumped our panel of experts.